Den som aldrig tidigare varit i kontakt med noter kanske har en förutfattad mening om att det är svårbegripligt och kanske onödigt, speciellt när det gäller trummor. Lugn, ett stycke trumnoter är oftast mer avskalat än exempelvis ett pianostycke.

De mest använda trumnoterna är endast tre till antalet, och behärskar man dessa kommer man kunna följa grundläggande trumkomp i notskrift.

Trumnoter rekommenderar följande trumböcker som kan beställas från

Metallica Legendary Licks Drums
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An inside look at the drum styles of Metallica, from Kill 'Em All to Reload, in a comprehensive play-along package. Includes note-for-note transcriptions and detailed performance notes on how to play dozens of classic licks, fills, riffs and solos - complete with recorded demonstrations. The CD also contains slowed down versions of the fast and tricky passages. And the recording is split channel, so you can listen to all the instruments or play along with the band!

Trumskola - trumsetsövningar 1
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På de första sidorna förklarar jag de olika notvärden och pauser som används i boken.

I kapitel 1 visar jag hur man enligt mining bäst placerar mikrofonen på trumsetet.

I kapitel 2 finns en hel del ackompanjemang i de flesta av de stilar som man kan råka ut för att få spela.

I kapitel 3 arbetar vi med fill in, dvs utfyllnader.

Kapitel 4 innehåller mallar med vars hjälp man på varje enskilt grundkomp kan komma fram till en mängd variationer.

Peter Fältskog

Rudiment Grooves For Drum Set
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Turn those standard 26 rudiments into mind-blowing groovers, fills and solos.
All that rhythmic sophistication you hear in the playing of great drummers can easily be broken down into its basic elements: the rudiments. Rudiments are the drum language, a basic vocabulary of rhythms that drummers arrange and rearrange when they play grooves, solos and fills. This book shows you how to apply the rudiments to the drum set in all styles of music. When you start combining the hands and feet, orchestrating different parts of the rudiments between the various drums and cymbals on your set, you'll start to make inspired music.
Fifty illustrated grooves are reinforced with the accompanying CD; hear how the rudiments sound when you apply them to the drum set. Discover how these basics become the foundation for all grooves and moves, including:

  • Single and double strokes
  • Stroked rolls
  • Drags
  • Flams
  • Paradiddles, double paradiddles, paradiddle grooves, and fills
  • Combinations
    Your choices of accents, tempos, style, and feel are what will ultimately make the rudiments into music. Learning and internalizing them will help you expand your vocabulary to play creative grooves, fills, and solos. Use Rudiment Grooves to create an infininte number of combinations, in any style, and at any tempo.

    Rick Considine is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music. He was a former percussion instructor and drum set conductor at Drummer's Collective in New York.

  • The Jazz Drummer's Workshop
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    Celebrated drummer and tutor John Riley has created an in-depth method for the serious student of the Drums. Rather than simply giving you a set of exercises, Riley discusses conceptual drumming ideas including comping, time playing and soloing. He then moves on to examine the styles of other drumming artists including Elvin Jones, Philly Joe, Billy Higgins and Tony Williams, as well as discussing the importance of technique, effective warm-ups and much more.
    An accompanying CD features Riley performing many of the examples himself.

    Play Drums With... The Best Of AC/DC
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    This pack includes a music book with the drum score to 13 of AC/DC's best hits and 2 CDs and a which allow you to play along with full 'soundalike' backing tracks.

    The book features authentic arrangements of songs such as Back In Black and You Shook Me All Night Long with full Drum score as well as lyrics and the melody line in standard notation. In addition to backing tracks to all the songs, the CDs also feature full performance tracks so you can hear what it's supposed to sound like before you play it yourself.

    Best Of Red Hot Chili Peppers For Drums
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    Note-for-note drum transcriptions for 20 classic Red Hot Chili Peppers' songs from Mother's Milk through By the Way. Includes full drum notation and vocal melody lines.

    Dave Weckl: Ultimate Play-Along For Drums Level 1 Volume 2
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    The best way to practice is to have fun while you learn, and that is exactly what The Ultimate Play-Along series is all about. Every musician has learned by playing along with records, and now with Ultimate Play-Along you can practice with great recorded music as if you were a member of the band! That's because you get each track mixed without your instrument. You also get to hear the music with the featured instrument as well for reference.

    Guns N' Roses: Authentic Playalong (Drums)
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    Play Drums along with the biggest and best songs from Guns N' Roses. Eight of their greatest songs, notated in Drum charts with vocal line. Includes a fantastic soundalike CD!

    Take over from Steven Adler and be the drummer for Guns N' Roses.

    Drum Along: 10 Classic Rock Songs (Book And CD)
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    Ten lead sheets for drummers.

    Includes CD with full version and playalong version with clicktrack.

    The author Jorg Fabig is an experienced teacher, especially for beginners and also works as a band coach.

    Play Drums With... The Best Of The Beatles
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    For the first time, play Drums with 20 of The Beatles' hits, from Twist And Shout to The End. This deluxe edition features 2 all-new 'soundalike' CDs recorded by a live band, with full instrumental demos and backing tracks for each song.

    The songs are presented in Drum notation with chord symbols and complete lyrics. The book includes an exclusive preface, comprehensive recording notes and notation guide, making this the perfect way to learn how to play Ringo Starr's classic Drum parts.

    Play Drums With... Queens Of The Stone Age, The Vines, The Hives, Bowling For Soup, Blink 182, Sum 41 And Jimmy Eat World
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    Seven slices of modern rock to learn and play along with. The music book features full drum scores in drum notation, with lyrics and melody in standard notation. Also included is a CD with two specially recorded 'soundalike' backing tracks of each song - one full demo with drums showing how the song should sound and one backing track without drums for you to play along with.

    Play Drums With Queens of the Stone Age (Book and CD)
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    Eight of their greatest songs with ‘soundalike’ CD backing tracks.

    On the CD:
    Two specially recorded ‘soundalike’ backing tracks of each song.

    Full demo with drums showing you how the song should sound and a backing track without drums for you to play along with.

    In the Music Book:
    Full drum score and the lyrics and melody line in standard notation.

    New Rock Anthems - Drums
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    A collection of songs by the hottest bands of recent years, all presented in full drum notation with a CD of backing tracks that sound just like the bands themselves!. From the power-disco of Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys, to the ramshakle pop perfection of The Magic Numbers and Elbow, this is a veritable 'who's who' of guitar bands for the new rock generation.

    Parental advisory - explicit lyrics.

    Mike Portnoy: Anthology Volume One
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    Complete drumset transcriptions from nine classic performances, hand picked by Mike from his work with Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment and Transatlantic. Includes performance and transcription notes, handwritten charts and kit diagrams for each recording.

    Dave Weckl: Contemporary Drummer + One
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    With two CDs of demonstration and playalong tracks, authentic studio drum charts and a comprehensive book of analysis and commentary, this pack will help you find out just how Dave accompanies artists as diverse as Chick Corea, Michael Brecker, Steve Lukather and John Patitucci.